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Getting to Know the RTP300

Router’s Front Panel and LEDs 

Router’s Back Panel 

Router Features: 

  • Four 10/100 BaseT Ethernet Ports to share Internet Connection;
  • Two RJ11 voice ports for analog phones or fax machines with two independent telephone numbers;
  • Support QoS (Quality of Service) to ensure best quality voice;
  • Supports Access Control to block specific PC's on the network from gaining access to the Internet;
  • Supports SPI Firewall to limit the risk of intrusion attempts;
  • Has a web-based configuration through a built-in web server; and
  • Supports auto-provisioning with provisioning servers.  
  • Power adapter with 110V output (US voltage).  

Voice Features: 

  • Supports Session Initiation Protocol (SIP);
  • Supports DTMF tone detection and generation;
  • Supports Voice Activity Detection (VAD) and Silence Suppression;
  • Supports Comfort Noise Generation (CNG);
  • Supports Caller ID generation and detecting (FSK and DTMF);
  • Supports Echo Cancellation (G.165 and G.168);
  • Supports T.38 Fax Really including V.17, V.21, V.27ter and V.29 and FAX Pass-through (PCM);
  • Supports multiple voice compression G.711, G.726, G.729, G.723.1.

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