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Changing the media hub’s password

The media hub’s password protects administrative access to the media hub.  This includes full access to the configuration utility and the file browser.  Follow the step-by-step guide below in changing your password for your media hub:

Step 1:
Access the Web-Based Utility of the media hub.  For instructions on how to do this, click here.

NOTE:  If you are using Mac OS to access the NMH Series, click here.

Step 2:
Click on Configuration.

Step 3:
Enter the password of the media hub.  The default password is "admin".

NOTE:  If you forgot the password of the media hub, you need to perform a hard reset.  To do this, simply press and hold the reset button at the media hub’s back panel for three seconds.  This will restore the media hub to its default settings but user data on the hard disk(s) will not be affected.

Step 4:
Click Submit to continue.

Step 5:
Click on the System tab.

Step 6:
Under the Password panel, click on Change.

Step 7:
Enter your old password on the Current Password field.  Then enter the new password in the New Password and Confirm Password fields.

Step 8:
Click on Submit to save your changes.

Step 9:
A message will appear stating, "New password set successfully".  Click OK to continue.


NOTE:  If you would like to set up the password for Remote Access Guest Login, click here.

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