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Zone Alarm Firewall Configuration

The Personal Firewall software blocks traffic between the network and your computer except for programs that the firewall software identifies as secure. Pure Networks software allows sharing and checking for updates in your network. Your firewall software needs to allow these connections.

As with any firewall software, you will need to configure or confirm two settings.

• Pure Networks software is permitted to make outbound communications.
• Inbound communication from other computers running Pure Networks software is permitted to get past the firewall to Pure Networks software.

Network Magic will now be compatible with Zone Alarm Firewall once you have done the following steps:

Step 1:
The easiest way to setup Zone Alarm for use with Pure Networks software is to provide the appropriate responses to the prompts at the end of the Pure Networks software installation process.

Step 2:
Go to the Firewall section. Under the Zones tab, set your network adapter to Trusted mode.

Step 3:
Afterwards, click on the Main tab (which is still located under the Firewall category) and set the Trusted Zone Security to Med or Off.

NOTE:  If you missed Step 1, or just want to verify your settings, you can do so by clicking the Program Control section. Assure that the Network Magic Service has all green checkmarks.

For more information regarding advanced firewall configuration, click here.

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