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Configuring the Wi-Fi Protected Setup on your Valet

This article will guide you on configuring the Wi-Fi Protected Setup™ (WPS) of your Valet or Valet Plus.

NOTE:  Before configuring the wireless security settings of your Valet or Valet Plus, make sure that your computer is connected via Ethernet cable to your Valet Hotspot.

Step 1:
Open a web browser such as Internet Explorer.

Step 2:
Go to the Address bar and enter your Valet hotspot’s IP address then press [Enter].

NOTE:  The default IP address of a Valet Hotspot is “”.  To view instructions on how to check the IP address of your hotspot, click here.  To access the web-based setup page using a Mac computer, click here.

Step 3:
On the main setup page, click the Wireless tab and refer to the Basic Wireless Settings sub-tab.

NOTE:  On the Configuration View you have two options, which are:

Wi-Fi Protected Setup


Step 1:
Click the radio button for Manual.  The following fields can then be changed:

• Network Mode

o Mixed
o BG-Mixed
o Wireless-G Only
o Wireless-B Only
o Wireless-N Only
o Disabled

• Network Name (SSID)
• Channel Width
• Channel
• SSID Broadcast

NOTE:  You are supposed to configure one device at a time using the following steps.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup

There are three methods to configure WPS on your device as shown by the following examples:

Method 1:  Clicking the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button

Step 1:
Click the Wi-Fi Protected Setup radio button on your client device's setup page, then click the Wi-Fi Protected Setup button on the screen on your hotspot's setup page.

Step 2:
"Searching…" is displayed while the hotspot searches for your device.

Step 3:
You will see the Congratulations screen once your WPS has been setup successfully and you are now connected to your wireless network.  Click OK to close the window.

Method 2:  Registering Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN number

If your device has a Wi-Fi Protected Setup PIN number, enter the PIN number in the field provided and click Register.

Method 3:  Entering Hotspot's PIN number

If your client device asks for the Hotspot's PIN number, you can find the PIN number shown on your screen.


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