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Connecting your Sony® Blu-ray Disc™ player to your Wi-Fi

Most of the Sony® Blu-ray Disc™ players are Wi-Fi capable.  However, if your Sony Blu-ray Disc player does not have the Wi-Fi functionality, you have to purchase an optional wireless adapter and insert it into the USB port of your Sony Blu-ray Disc player.  Alternatively, you can also connect your Sony Blu-ray Disc player to your Linksys router using an ethernet cable.  To learn more, click here.

Before connecting your device to the Wi-Fi, ensure that:
  • The Sony Blu-ray Disc player you own is Wi-Fi ready or have a wireless adapter inserted into its USB port.
  • The Sony Blu-ray Disc player and TV are powered ON and connected to each other via HDMI cable. 
  • The TV is set to the proper input that the Sony Blu-ray Disc player is connected to.  Since we’ve connected the player and the TV via HDMI, select the HDMI input on your TV.
  • The Wi-Fi is configured and you know your complete wireless settings.  To learn how to check the wireless settings of your Linksys router, click here.
Follow the steps below to know how to connect your Sony Blu-ray Disc player to your Wi-Fi.
Step 1:
To set up the wireless connection, you need to start by pressing the HOME button on the remote.

User-added image
Step 2:
Select the Setup option and select Network Settings.
User-added image
Step 3:
Select Internet Settings, then select Wireless Setup.
User-added image
Step 4:
Select Scan.
User-added image
The Sony Blu-ray Disc player will then scan any Wi-Fi available in your area.
User-added image
Step 5:
Select your Wi-Fi name (SSID) from the list and press Enter.
Step 6:
Enter your Wi-Fi password in the available field.
User-added image

NOTE:  WPA keys are case-sensitive (abc is different from ABC).  WEP keys are hexadecimal (0-9 and a-f) characters and are not case-sensitive. 
Step 7:
When asked how you want to set up the IP address settings of the Sony Blu-ray Disc player, select Auto.

Step 8:
You will then be shown a preview of how your network settings will be configured.  Press the right button on the remote to continue.
QUICK TIP:  If you’re prompted to use a proxy server, select No.
Step 9:
Select Save & Connect.  The Sony Blu-ray Disc player will then attempt to connect to your Wi-Fi. 
Step 10:
When successfully connected, you will be prompted that the Wireless Connection and Internet Access is OK.  Select OK to continue. 
NOTE:  If the connection is not working, ensure that you have selected the correct Wi-Fi and entered the correct password.

You should have successfully connected the Sony Blu-ray Disc player to your Wi-Fi now.

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