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Setting up your Valet Hotspot without using the Easy Setup Key

Setting up your M10 Valet or M20 Valet Plus Hotspot is possible even without using the Easy Setup Key.  To install your hotspot without using the Setup CD, you can do either of the following:

i.   Download and manually install the Linksys Connect Software
ii.  Access the setup page manually

Download and manually install the Linksys Connect Software

If you are unable to use the Easy Setup Key (which installs the Linksys Connect Software) provided for your hotspot, you may download the Linksys Connect Software.  If you are using the M10 Hotspot, click here.  For M20 Hotspot, click this link instead.  To learn the steps on how you can download and install the Linksys Connect Software, click here.

NOTE:  Linksys Connect is a desktop application for Linksys Wi-Fi Routers and Valet Hotspots.  To learn more about this, click here.

Once you finish downloading the Linksys Connect Software, do the steps below:

Step 1:
Locate the Linksys Connect setup file that you have downloaded then double-click to begin the installation.

NOTE:  The Linksys Connect Software will guide you in setting up your Valet Hotspot.

Step 2:
Follow the on-screen instructions provided.

Access the setup page manually

IMPORTANT:  You will not be able to install the Linksys Connect Software if you choose to manually set up your Valet Hotspot.  If you want to install the Linksys Connect Software, then you have to reset the Valet Hotspot to its factory default settings.

Follow the instructions provided below to learn how to access the Valet’s setup page manually:

Step 1:
Power ON the Valet Hotspot and connect an Ethernet cable from the LAN port of your computer to any of the numbered ports at the back panel of the device.

Step 2:
Access the Valet’s web-based setup page by opening a web browser such as Internet Explorer® or Safari®.  In the Address bar, enter the Valet’s default local IP Address “” then press [Enter].

NOTE:  Before the web-based setup page appears, a warning note below will pop up.  Click OK if you wish to continue.


Step 3:
When the login prompt appears, leave the User name field blank, enter the default Password which is “admin”, and click OK.

NOTE:  By now, you should have accessed the web-based setup page of the Valet Hotspot.  The configuration of your hotspot will now depend on your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) network configuration.  Click on any of the related links below to learn how to set up your Valet Hotspot according to your type of Internet service.


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