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Linksys 1080p 3MP Outdoor Night Vision Dome Camera, LCAD03VLNOD Frequently Asked Questions



1. What is the Linksys 1080p 3MP Outdoor Night Vision Dome Camera, LCAD03VLNOD?

The Linksys 1080p 3MP Outdoor Night Vision Dome Camera, LCAD03VLNOD offers flexible video compression formats (H.264, MPEG-4, MJPEG) and power over Ethernet functionality for installation away from an electrical outlet.  It features vari-focal lens that lets you adjust the focal distance to your particular application.  It has an IR-cut filter that allows the IR light to prevent distortion of the images while the infrared LEDs help the camera view clear images during the night.

2. Where can I use the LCAD03VLNOD Camera?

The LCAD03VLNOD Camera is for indoor and outdoor use.  It is vandal proof (IK10 rated) and weather proof (IP67).

3. Can I mount the LCAD03VLNOD Camera?

Yes.  The LCAD03VLNOD is ceiling and wall-mountable.

4. What are the package contents of the LCAD03VLNOD?

The LCAD03VLNOD packaging includes:
  • Network Camera
  • Location Sticker, Screws, Anchors
  • Moisture Absorbing Dry Bag
  • Tie Wrap
  • Allen Key T20
  • CD with Documents and Video Surveillance Manager Software
5. What are the available ports, slots, and button on the LCAD03VLNOD?
  • One (1) Fast Ethernet Port with Power over Ethernet (802.3af PoE)
  • One (1) SD/SDHC Slot that supports up to 32 GB (Not Included)
  • One (1) Reset button to reboot or reset the unit to factory default
  • One (1) DI/DO port
6. Where can I find the serial number of my camera?

There are two (2) serial numbers on the Linksys camera.  The serial number for the device is located on the label outside of the camera, not the serial number printed on the lens.

7. How do I add an SD/SDHC card on the camera?

You can insert your SD/SDHC card into the SD card slot.  The maximum card size supported is 32 GB.

NOTE:  The SD/SDHC card is not included in the package.
8. Do I need to insert the moisture absorption bags prior to using?

Yes.  If your camera is an outdoor camera, you need to insert the moisture absorption bag prior to using.  This is part of the setup process.

9.  What is the polarity of the optional 12 V - 1 A power adapter?

The inner is positive ( + ) and the outer is negative ( - ).


1. What are the video surveillance manager system requirements of the LCAD03VLNOD?
  • Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Intel® Dual Core CPU 2.0 GHz
  • Dedicated Video  Card  with 256 MB RAM
  • 4 GB  RAM
  • Gigabit LAN Port
  • Sound Card  required for audio function
  • Monitor - 1024 x 768 pixels  or more, 24-bit true color
2. What are the supported browsers for remote viewing and management of the LCAD03VLNOD?

The LCAD03VLNOD supports the following browsers:
  • IE 9.x or above
  • Firefox 15.x or above
  • Google Chrome 21.x or above
  • Safari 5.1.x and above
If you can't view the camera image using Internet Explorer (IE) 11, add the IP Address of the camera to the Compatibility View Settings.  Make sure that the ActiveX plug-in has been installed first.  Check Control Panel and look for Linksys Media Control Embedded.

NOTE:  Live viewing on non-IE browsers does not have the same control features as IE.  Only IE supports ActiveX and live video viewing.  The controls you see in IE will not display in non-IE browsers.

3. What are the main firmware features of the LCAD03VLNOD?

The LCAD03VLNOD comes with the following features:
  • Multiple Streaming Support
  • Video Compression format H.264
  • 1080P
  • 3 Megapixel Resolution
  • PoE 802.3af
  • Camera Management via the Desktop Utility
  • Motion Detection & Event Notification
  • HTTPS/HTTP support
4. How do I reset my Linksys Video Surveillance Manager password?

To reset your Linksys Video Surveillance Manager password, you need to reinstall the software.  

NOTE:  Uncheck all options to prevent deletion of any videos/snapshots.  If prompted to overwrite files when reinstalling, select Yes to all.


1. How do I set up the LCAD03VLNOD?

You may check the Hardware Installation process to properly set up the camera on your ceiling or wall.  For easy software configuration, check the Video Surveillance Manager Software Installation.  To learn how, click here.

2. What is the default IP address of the LCAD03VLNOD?

If there is no DHCP server, the default IP address is for web-based configuration.  If there is a DHCP server in the network you may need to check your router’s DHCP table.

3. What is the default user name and password of the LCAD03VLNOD?

The default user name and password of the camera is admin.

4. How do I reset the LCAD03VLNOD?

Access the web-based setup page of the camera and go to Configuration > Maintenance > Reset to Default.
  • To reset ALL settings, check all boxes and click Apply.
  • To reset settings except IP address & Date/Time leave the checkboxes unchecked and click Apply
NOTE:  If you can’t access the web-based setup page of the camera, you may need to use the Reset button.  Remove the cover and hold down the Reset button until the LEDs turn OFF.  The camera will reboot and reset itself.  When successfully restored, the camera will resume to normal operation.

5. How can I use the Privacy Mask Control?

To utilize the Privacy Mask Control feature, you have to use Internet Explorer (IE).  The camera is equipped with a privacy feature which allows users to mask the camera’s live view.  A black screen will be displayed in place of the live view window.  This application is particularly useful when the camera is being used for home surveillance.  With the privacy button, the user can have privacy while they are going about their daily life. 
Check a box to enable a Window, hover over the window to display the drag icon.  Each Window will be color coordinated to better understand which window you are making adjustments to and click Apply.  When you save the settings a black window will appear covering the area you have chosen.

6. How do I create an event for Motion Detection?

Motion Detection can be detected by measuring changes in the speed or vector of an object or objects in the monitored area.  This section allows you to adjust the motion detection settings to be more suitable to your environment.
NOTE:  This feature will only work with Internet Explorer browser.
  • Sensitivity - Sensitivity allows you to specify how much movement is required to trigger the motion detection.  Lower sensitivity levels will result in more activity needed to trigger an event. 
  • Threshold - Higher threshold level will result in larger object needed to trigger an event. 
  • Window - You can define different motion detection area for different purpose.  Motion detection of each area can be adjusted individually.
7. How do I configure DDNS?

To use the DDNS feature of your router, begin by signing up with a DDNS provider.  Do note, however, that these DNS providers are premium services that require subscription.  Linksys routers only support DynDNS and TZO DDNS service providers.  Access my cameras with IP provided to complete this task.


1. What is the maximum resolution and Frames per second (FPS) of the LCAD03VLNOD?

The resolution and Frames per second (FPS) of the LCAD03VLNOD are the following and can be adjusted to your preference:
  • 18fps@2048x1536
  • 30fps@1920x1080
  • 30fps@1280x720
2. What is the streaming quality of the LCAD03VLNOD?

The LCAD03VLNOD features smooth 3M/1080p/720p video streaming quality when recording to the surveillance utility and during remote viewing from the surveillance utility and web browsers.

3. What are the audio features of the LCAD03VLNOD?

The LCAD03VLNOD has a:
  • Line In/Out
  • Two way audio – Full Duplex
4. What is Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF)?

The Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) is a non-profit organization that aims to create a global standard so network video products installed within physical security areas can communicate with each other.  The LCAD03VLNOD supports Open Network Video Interface Forum (ONVIF) v1.0 and 2.0.

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