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How do I find my order number?

There are several ways to locate your Linksys.com order number:
1.  My Account
If you ordered from Linksys.com using your Linksys account, you can login to your account through My Account, and click on the ORDERS tab.  There you will find a complete list of your Linksys.com orders.  The order number is clearly displayed within each record.  See example below:

User-added image
2.  E-mail
If you ordered from Linksys.com using your account, or if you ordered as a guest and provided us with your email address during the checkout process, you will have received emails confirming your order, and shipment of the order.  Either email will clearly display the order number in the body of the mail.  See example below:

User-added image
3.  Printed Invoice
The order number is printed on the invoice that was shipped with your purchase.


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