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Encountering intermittence or difficulties with wireless devices using a Linksys access point

There are certain factors that might cause intermittent connection or difficulties connecting to a network.  These issues may be caused by:

1.  Wireless interference within the network.
2.  Wireless settings of the Linksys access point are still set to default.
3.  Firmware is corrupted.

NOTE:  Oftentimes, a simple reset and powercycle will resolve connectivity issues.  However, if wireless network performance doesn’t improve after doing so, you may proceed with the following troubleshooting steps.  You may also have your device “forget” the network and retry the connection.

Reducing wireless interference

If you are experiencing frequent disconnection from the wireless network, check the following factors that can affect your wireless signals:

2.4 GHz interference:  Your access point may be operating on the same frequency as your cordless telephone system (or even your neighbor’s), or other nearby equipment that has wireless connectivity.  Try to change your access point’s channel to 1 or 11 and restart the wireless computers.

Physical obstructions:  Your access point or wireless computers may be losing connectivity because of physical obstacles, including walls and floors.  Try to move the equipment to different locations to get a better connection.

Placement of the access point:  It is recommended that you place your access point as high off the ground as possible.  When placing the access point in a high location, make sure a distance of two feet between the access point antenna tips and the ceiling and wall is kept.  If your signal goes through multiple floors, try to place the access point on the uppermost floor, and up high in the room that it will be placed in.

Surroundings:  Keep the access point away from large metal objects, large containers with water similar to fish tanks, bathtubs, the likes and any electrical equipment including television sets, microwaves, radios, and the like.

Customizing wireless settings of the access point

Having default wireless settings on the Linksys access point may cause conflict with other routers and access points within your network range.  It is also recommended to change the Wireless Network Name (SSID) and the Wireless Channel on your access point.  If possible, enable the Wireless Security on your access point.

To learn how to change the access point’s SSID or the wireless network’s name, click here.
To learn how to change the access point’s channel, click here.
To learn how to enable the wireless security on the access point, click here.

Upgrading the access point's firmware

New firmware add functions and bug fixes to the access point.  If the wireless connection remains unstable after performing the steps above, upgrade or re-flash the access point’s firmware.  For instructions, click here.

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