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Using the Range Expander’s Auto Configuration button

The Linksys Wireless-G Range expander (WRE54G) has an Auto Configuration button located at the side panel.  It allows the device to repeat the signal coming from an access point or wireless router that has the highest signal strength detected.  When the Auto Configuration button is pressed, the WRE54G will automatically synchronize its wireless settings to the nearest unsecured wireless network detected.

QUICK TIP:  This feature is only available in wireless-G range expanders.  Wireless-N range extenders have WiFi Protected Setup™ (WPS) feature.  To learn how to configure this feature on a Wireless-N range extender, click here.

NOTE:  The WRE54G’s Auto Configuration feature will not work if the wireless network is secured or the SSID broadcast is disabled.  If you wish to use the range expander on a security-enabled wireless network, you will have to set it up manually.  For instructions on setting up the range expander through a hardwired connection, click here.

Using the Range expander’s Auto Configuration button

Step 1:
Power ON the range expander then press and hold the Auto Configuration button for 10 seconds.

Step 2:
Wait for the LINK and ACTIVITY lights to turn blue which indicates a successful wireless connection between the expander and the wireless router/access point.


NOTE:  When the range expander is unable to connect, the LINK light will appear red.  Unplug power from the router and the range expander for 30 seconds.  Plug the power of the router first then plug the power of the range expander after the lights on the router have become solid.  If the LINK light still appears red, click here for troubleshooting tips.


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