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Setting up the Valet Connector

The Valet Connector (AM10) helps you connect your computer to any other wireless network for quick Internet access.  Installing the Valet Connector is fairly easy.  Just follow the steps below in setting up your Valet Connector on your computer or laptop.  The Valet Connector is compatible with computers running on Windows 7, Vista and XP (SP3 and higher) operating systems that have USB 2.0 or higher ports.

NOTE:  Valet is currently available in the U.S. and Canada only.

Step 1:
Connect the Valet Connector to a high-powered USB port on your computer or laptop.

QUICK TIP:  Alternatively, you can also use the USB Extension Base to connect the Valet Connector.  Plug the Valet Connector into the USB Extension Base and connect the Base to a USB port on your desktop or laptop computer.

NOTE:  For ease of use, the Valet Connector comes preloaded with its installation software.  The installation files are stored on the Valet Connector's built-in flash storage.  However, once Linksys Connect has been successfully installed, this storage facility will no longer be accessible.

Step 2:
Click Set up your Linksys Valet Connector.  

NOTE:  If you do not see the setup page, click Open folder to view files.  

If the setup page does not launch automatically, double-click the Setup  icon.  For Windows XP, the file may be known as Setup.exe.

IMPORTANT:  You are not advised to delete any of the files within the AM10.  The adapter is not recommended to be used as a USB flash drive.


Step 3:
Read the License Agreement and click Next.

The following screen will appear.  Wait for a few moments while the setup software sets up your Valet Connector.

Step 4:
Select an option and click Next.


NOTE:  If you do not have an Easy Setup Key, select No, I don't have an Easy Setup Key and click Next.

If you have an Easy Setup Key, select Yes, I have an Easy Setup Key and click Next.  Follow the on-screen instructions, then click Next.


For more information about the Easy Setup Key, click here.

Step 5:
Select your preferred wireless network and click Next.

Step 6:
If prompted, enter the wireless password for your network.

Step 7:
The installation is complete when you see the following screen.  Click OK to continue.

Step 8:
You are then directed to the Linksys Connect screen.  Click Close to exit. 


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