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Resetting the cable modem to factory default

Pressing the Reset button of your modem will reset your modem to its factory default settings.  This process is applicable if you are experiencing difficulties in getting online while using the modem or if your Internet connection is intermittent.
NOTE:  The location of the Reset button as well as the number of seconds needed for pressing it may depend on the modem that you are using.  Refer to your modem's documentation for more information.  You can then verify with your Linksys modem’s front panel which indicates the status of the connection.  For more instructions, click here.  If the connection to the Internet is still intermittent, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) for further assistance.

Press and hold the Reset User-added image button with a pin or paper clip for five (5) seconds.


User-added image


User-added image


User-added image 

QUICK TIP:  Most cable modems have no built-in web user interface for you to verify and change the settings.  However, Linksys gateways (i.e. BEFCMUH4) have a built-in web-based setup pages that allow the user to customize settings and set up advanced properties.  To learn more on how to access the cable gateway’s web-based setup page, click here.

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