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Disabling the Mac® computer’s built-in firewall

The Mac® Operating System has a built-in firewall that provides security by limiting or preventing access from the Internet to your Mac.  Sometimes, software firewalls conflict with the hardware firewall that is built-in the Linksys router.  In such cases, the built-in firewall on your Mac computer has to be disabled.
This article will show you how to disable the Mac’s firewall.  To learn how, follow the steps below:
NOTE:  If you’re using a third party firewall, contact the developer of the firewall and ask for assistance on how to disable it.

Step 1:
Click the Apple® icon then select the System Preferences… option.


User-added image

Step 2:
Click Security & Privacy.

NOTE:  There are some cases wherein the Security & Privacy is locked.  Unlock it by clicking the lock icon located at the bottom left side of the window.

User-added image

Once you get a Security and Privacy prompt, enter your computer’s administrative password and click Unlock.

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Step 3:
Under Security & Privacy, select Firewall then click Turn Off Firewall.


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Your Mac’s built-in firewall should be disabled now.

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