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Setting up your Valet or Valet Plus for the first time

This article will guide you in setting up your Valet Hotspot using the Linksys Connect software that’s preloaded to your Easy Setup Key.  If you want to set up your Valet Hotspot without running the Linksys Connect, click here instead.  

NOTE:  If you are setting up a Linksys wireless-N router instead of a Valet or Valet Plus Hotspot, click here for instructions.

Some basic requirements before you begin

i.     An active Internet connection
ii.    A computer with either a wired or wireless adapter, running one of the operating systems below:

 Operating SystemCompatible with M10? Compatible with M20? 
Windows XP with Service Pack 3  Yes Yes
Windows Vista with Service Pack 1 or later  Yes Yes
Windows 7  Yes Yes
 Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.9 Yes Yes
 Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.11 Yes Yes
Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.8  Yes Yes
Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.1  Yes Yes
Mac OS X Lion 10.7  YesNo 

NOTE:  If you have met the above requirements, you can now begin setting up your Valet or Valet Plus.  If your computer doesn’t meet the system requirements, click here for additional assistance.  For Mac OS X Lion 10.7 compatibility issues, click here for more information.

Connecting a wired computer to your Valet/Valet Plus
Connecting a wireless computer to your Valet/Valet Plus
Setting up your Valet/ Valet Plus

Connecting a wired computer to your Valet/Valet Plus

Scenario A:
You are using a computer that is connected to your DSL/Cable modem using an Ethernet cable.

Connect one end of the supplied Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on your computer and connect the other end into one of the numbered Ethernet ports at the back of your Valet/Valet Plus.  Refer to the image below for details.

Connecting a wireless computer to your Valet/Valet Plus

Scenario B:
You are using a laptop with a built-in wireless adapter.

If you're using a laptop, ensure that its wireless feature is enabled, and that it is positioned within 10 feet from the Valet/Valet Plus.

NOTE:  Most laptops have a switch that turns its wireless feature ON and OFF.  Refer to your laptop's documentation or online help if you're unsure where this switch is located.  This doesn't apply for external wireless adapters.

Once you have already connected your computer to your Valet/ Valet Plus, you may now proceed with the setup.

Setting up your Valet/Valet Plus

Step 1:
On the computer that you're working on, insert the Easy Setup Key into any USB port.

NOTE:  The configuration of the Valet or Valet Plus is stored in the Easy Setup Key.  The Easy Setup Key cannot be used as a wireless adapter.

Step 2:
Locate the Linksys Connect software wizard to begin the setup.

For Windows

Select Connect to your Linksys Valet then click OK.

NOTE:  If this setup window does not appear automatically, you may click on the My Computer/Computer icon on your desktop and look for the specified drive name for the Easy Setup Key.


If your computer is running on Windows Vista / Windows 7, a Security Warning pop-up window may appear.  Click Run to proceed.


For Mac®
Insert the Easy Setup Key to your computer’s USB port then double-click this  icon on the desktop.  Under the CONNECT folder, double-click the  icon.

NOTE:  A window may appear asking for your laptop’s password to proceed with the installation.  Enter the necessary details on the fields provided then click OK.

Step 3:
On the Linksys Valet License Agreement screen, check the box to accept the License Agreement for using the software.  Click Next.

Step 4:
On the next window, follow the on-screen instructions on how to connect your Valet.  Refer to the image below for an example.  Click Next to continue.

QUICK TIP:  Click the Show me how button for a more detailed illustrated guide on how to complete the above instructions.

A window will appear, indicating the software is now setting up the Valet Hotspot.  A series of tests will be performed to determine the optimal configuration for your network.

NOTE:  You may notice that your computer will be connected or disconnected to your wireless network several times.  This is a normal process where the Valet is validating the connection and your wireless network is being secured.

Step 5:
You will be asked to enter the password to your Valet Hotspot.  Click Next to continue.

The setup automatically detects your Internet connection type.  If you're using a DSL connection, you may be requested to enter your account details.  If this is the case, enter your Account name and Password in the allocated fields.

NOTE:  If you don't know your Account name and Password, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) will be able to provide these details.

Step 6:
While the setup finalizes your Valet or Valet Plus settings, you will also be prompted to provide the Valet name (SSID) and the network Password.  You can also change the name and password fields according to your preference or choose to continue with the default name.  Once done, click Next.

QUICK TIP:  Make sure you take note of the Valet name and password that you have set as this will be the network name and password for computers and devices to connect to.

Wait until the setup completes.

Step 7:
Once your Internet connection is running, a confirmation window will appear on your screen.  Your Valet or Valet Plus is now secure and connected to the Internet.  Click OK to proceed.

NOTE:  It is highly recommended to create or update an Easy Setup Key from the USB port on your computer.  To know how to create or update the Easy Setup Key, click here.

QUICK TIP:  Remember to keep your Easy Setup Key in a safe place.  You will need it when connecting other computers to your Valet/Valet Plus router.

Step 8:
The Valet or Valet Plus setup ends by taking you to the main Linksys Connect screen which allows you to personalize your Valet or Valet Plus settings.  Click on Finish.


IMPORTANT:  The Safe web surfing function on the device is no longer supported and not recommended to be enabled.

To learn more about the available features in Linksys Connect, click here.  Otherwise, you may click on the Close button to exit Linksys Connect and connect to the Internet.


To launch Linksys Connect again at later time, on a Windows computer, go to Start > All Programs > Linksys Connect.  To launch Linksys Connect on a Mac computer, navigate to the Applications folder in Go, and then start Linksys Connect.  For more help on this, click here.

NOTE:  If you have already configured your Valet Hotspot before but recently switched your Internet Service Provider (ISP), reset the hotspot by pressing and holding down the Reset button for about 10 seconds and re-do the steps above.

Once you have set up your Valet Hotspot, you already have your own wireless network that you can use and share to your family and friends.  You can enjoy wireless connectivity a little better with the help of other networking products from Linksys.  Click on the links below to know more.

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