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Configuring the port lights of Linksys X1000 on the web-based setup page

The Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs) on the front panel of Linksys X1000 are used to indicate the status of connection between devices.  This article will help you configure the port lights of your gateway using the web-based setup page.  Follow the instructions below to learn more.

Step 1:
Access the Linksys X1000’s web-based setup page.  Click here for instructions.

NOTE:  The default username and password are both admin.

Step 2:
Click the Status tab, then select the Ports sub-tab.

Step 3:
Select On if you want to enable the port lights on the Linksys X1000’s front panel, otherwise click the Off radio button to disable it.

NOTE:  The port lights of Linksys X1000 are enabled by default.

Step 4:
Click the Save Settings button to apply changes.

NOTE:  Click Refresh to update the on-screen information.

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