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How to pause internet access using the Parental Controls feature

Pausing internet access is easy using the Parental Controls feature on the Linksys app.
Step 1:
Go to the Parental Controls section of your Linksys app.  If you haven’t set up Parental Controls on any devices, tap Control a Device
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If you already have Parental Controls on one or more devices, select one of them from the list or tap Add a device to select a new device.
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Step 2:
Select a device from the list.

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Step 3:
Tap the pause button before Pause Internet Access to pause the internet connection for a specific device.

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After performing the steps above, you will notice that the device now has a red bar displaying the Internet paused message.  To resume access, tap the play button.

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Below is how the paused device will appear in the Parental Controls list and dashboard.  Simply tap the play button anytime to resume internet access.
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