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Uninstalling the Linksys app from your mobile device

The Linksys app allows you to easily tap into your home network to check the connection status of your devices, give a guest access to the Internet, or block your child from accessing social networking sites when they should be doing homework.
If for some reason you need to uninstall the Linksys app from your mobile device, follow the instructions below:



Step 1:
Tap and hold the Linksys app on the Home screen until the icons begin to shake.
Step 2:
Tap the User-added image icon at the upper left corner of the Linksys app.
Step 3:
Tap Delete to remove or uninstall the Linksys app.
Step 1:
Open the Settings app.
Step 2:
Tap Apps or Applications under the Device section.
Step 3:
Locate and tap the Linksys app from the list.
NOTE:  You may have to swipe to the left to find the app in the right list.
Step 4:
Tap Uninstall.  You will be prompted for confirmation to uninstall the app.  Tap OK.

You should have now completely uninstalled the Linksys app from your device.

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