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Encountering problem connecting to the Wi-Fi on my wired Velop system’s Child node

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Scenario:  I have a wired Velop system where the Parent and Child nodes are wired to a managed switch.  Why can’t I connect to the Child node’s Wi-Fi?

See the workarounds below if either one will work:

Workaround 1:  When the Velop system is set up with a managed switch as pictured below, your devices will not be able to connect to the Child node’s Wi-Fi unless the managed switch is configured to forward and allow VLAN 3 and VLAN 4 traffic on all ports connecting to a Velop.  These two VLANs are needed for Velop’s Wi-Fi setup to function.  No configuration is needed for unmanaged switches.  To configure VLAN on your Linksys Managed switch, click
hereIf you have a Linksys Smart Switch, click here.
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Workaround 2:  When the Velop system is set up with a managed switch as pictured above, turn OFF HomeKit Integration from the Linksys app and power cycle all Child nodes.  As a trade off, you cannot link Velop to the Apple® Home app.  For complete instructions, follow the steps below:

Step 1:
Log in to the Linksys app.  Then, tap the Menu icon at the upper-left corner of the screen and then tap Network Administration.
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Step 2:
Toggle the HomeKit Integration button to turn OFF.
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You can now power cycle all your Child nodes.

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