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What is the Block by Category feature in Linksys Shield and how to subscribe

What is Block by Category?
Block by Category allows you to block internet content by category.  This is an additional feature of Parental Controls when you subscribe to Linksys Shield.  There are four preset filters which are Off by default.

  • Child (ages 8 and under)
  • Pre-Teen (ages 9-12)
  • Teen (ages 13-17)
  • Adult (ages 18+)

With Block by Category you can:
  • Select a preset based on age for a device
  • Block entire categories of content
  • Customize categories to fine tune what your kids can see online
  • Apply to up to 14 devices

How to subscribe?
Before you begin:

  • To see the Linksys Shield subscription offer for Velop, you must have a Velop Tri-Band (WHW03 or WHW03 v2) as the parent node.
  • To subscribe to Linksys Shield or to check the status of your subscription you must log in with your Linksys server account using the Linksys app.
  • A subscription to Linksys Shield includes basic Parental Controls features plus Linksys Shield features such as Block by Category for up to 14 connected devices.
  • Only one subscription of Linksys Shield is allowed per network under one account.  For example, if you have multiple Velop networks with the same Linksys server account, you can only select one network and subscribe to Linksys Shield.  For all other networks, you will only be allowed to use the free basic Parental Controls.  You may transfer a subscription to another network.
  • Once you have subscribed, you will receive an email confirmation.

The steps below show the different ways to subscribe to Linksys Shield on your Linksys app.
Option 1:  Go to My Account and tap Learn More.
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Option 2:  From the dashboard, tap the Linksys Shield tab.
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Option 3:  Go to Parental Controls then tap on the Learn More link at the bottom.
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Option 4:  Go to Parental Controls > Control a Device/Add a device, then select a device from the list provided and tap on the Linksys Shield button next to Block by Category.
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After choosing one of the options, enter your iTunes® or Google™ credentials when prompted.  Once you have subscribed, you will see the Thank you for subscribing! message.
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  • There is a 90-day free trial period.  Once the 90-day trial period ends, the account will convert to a paid subscription unless you turn OFF auto-renew.  The trial runs for 90 consecutive days even if canceled before it expires.
  • After the 90 days, Apple® or Google Play™ will process auto-renewal payments within 24 hours before expiration.  To avoid auto-renewal, turn it OFF a full 24 hours before expiration.  Manage subscriptions, including auto-renewal, through the Apple App Store® or Google Play.
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