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Firmware upgrade for StarHub routers

The new StarHub firmware will add the IPTV feature to the following routers:
  • Linksys EA7500 v2 and v2.1 with firmware version or higher
  • Linksys EA8100-AH v1 with firmware version
  • Linksys MX42SH-SG (Linksys MX4200 model on product label) – version or above 

NOTE:  After the firmware upgrade, there is a new soft SKU change for Linksys EA7500 from Linksys EA7500-AH to Linksys EA7500-SH, and Linksys MX42SH-SG (SKU changed from AH to SG), the purpose of these changes is to know the difference between the retail SKU and the StarHub SKU.

Below are the changes to expect:

1.  The default IP address of the router will change.  The new LAN IP address will now be  Aside from this, you should no longer see any other feature or configuration changes.

2.  After the firmware upgrade, the router should be able to support Dual WAN.  The IPTV multicast service will only be available when you subscribe.

NOTE:  For the
Linksys MX42SH-SG, a newer firmware is required to support IPTV. Make sure your node is on the latest firmware.  To know how to check your firmware version, click here.

3.  If you decide to switch to a different internet service provider (ISP), the routers (Linksys EA8100-AH v1 with firmware version, or the Linksys EA7500-AH with firmware version or higher) can still be used if:
  • The firmware is downgraded to the latest RTM firmware available on the website
  • Factory reset is performed

4.  The StarHub scope of support for subscribers will have no changes.

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