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Linksys US

Velop mesh WiFi network is always on

A mounted Velop node provides WiFi for a meeting.

It’s vital for businesses to be online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, because losing Internet could mean losing business. Using Intelligent Mesh™ Technology, Velop adapts to your WiFi needs. It self heals and optimizes to consistently deliver fast, flawless mesh WiFi everywhere in your business.

Velop operates as one network, continuously searching for your connected devices. This ensures 100% seamless connection, so you can roam around the office while having a video conference call, downloading large files, and streaming music throughout the office.

Set it up quickly and easily

Use the Linksys app and you’ll have Velop up in a flash. No IT administrator required. It’s so easy you can do it all yourself!

Diagram outlining the five simple steps to set up a Velop mesh system at your business.
Two smartphone screens showing the easy administration and channel finder functions in the Linksys App.

Help keep your network secure

Minimize the risk of security breaches with network security policies in place to prevent unauthorized access.

Control your network

Separate your guest traffic from your main network, which is reserved for office staff only.

Keep secure servers and printers accessible only to employees on the main network, while allowing visitors to access high-speed WiFi through a separate guest network.

Cut the clutter, keep the savings

A sleek Velop node fits neatly into a fashion showroom, providing WiFi to a woman on her computer.

What if implementing a new network didn’t have to mean investing in new cabling and hardware or opening ceilings and power outlets, with all the associated downtime? Choosing Linksys Velop means there’s no need to invest in additional hardware and accessories like cables and extenders. Linksys Velop nodes are flexible and can be either wired or wirelessly connected.

Grow with your business

Scaling your business also means scaling your network, as your workforce and their workload increase. When your workspace expands, just add another node to your network, with nothing more to add, install, or configure. Linksys also futureproofs your WiFi with automatic software updates so your system will stay up to date and secure without having to update your hardware.


Velop tri-band node icon

Powerful tri-band WiFi system

Velop sleek design icon

Sleek, ultra-compact modular system

Velop omnidirectional antenna icon

Omnidirectional top antenna

Velop range icon

Powerful WiFi range (up to 2000 sqft per node)

Velop app setup icon

Linksys App guides the quick setup process

Velop no signal degradation icon

No signal degradation at the edge of your WiFi network

Velop small footprint icon

Small footprint to reduce clutter

Velop wall mount icon

Optional wall mounting available