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Using the WLAN Settings on a PlayStation Portable (PSP)

This article will describe the meaning of WLAN Settings on a PlayStation Portable (PSP).


This will scan the area around you for available access points or wireless networks.  Once a list pops up, scroll to your preferred access point and press X to connect.  For instructions on how to check your wireless network name, click here.

NOTE:  You may see a list of other networks available even though you only have one wireless router.  If you are trying to connect to a secure network, you may need to enter the security key or passphrase.  If you don’t have security setup on your Linksys wireless router, you may want to configure that first.  For more information on how to configure wireless security on a Linksys wireless router, click here.

Enter Manually

If you are unable to see your access point after using the Scan function, you can manually enter your network settings.  This is only advised if you know the settings of your home network.

NOTE:  The main reason for this is you might not have your wireless network name broadcasted.


This is a way of automatically configuring the wireless settings using a certain third-party wireless router.

Use Wireless Hotspot

If you are within the area of a T-Mobile hotspot, which are common a coffee shops and airports, you can connect you PSP to the internet using T-Mobile.

NOTE:  You need to have an account with T-Mobile in order to use this feature.

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