In the modern home, having a strong Internet connection is essential, not just in the home office or living room, but in just about every room of the house. If your Wi-Fi network has dead zones—those rooms or corners where the signal strength is low or even non-existent—adjusting your router or extending its range should produce a full signal in no time.

Understanding Dead Zones

Two things can cause dead zones in your home. First, you may simply be beyond the range of your Wi-Fi router to get a good signal strength, such as being in your basement or backyard. The second cause is Wi-Fi interference. Walls, electronic appliances, or metal objects can cause Wi-Fi interference, as can nearby radio signals, like the Wi-Fi routers used by your neighbors next door. Any of these causes could explain why you get a full signal when using a computer in one room, but almost no signal where your television is down the hall.

Adjusting Your Router

Adjusting the position of the router's antenna or moving the router a few feet may be enough to eliminate dead zones, especially when the interference is caused by a nearby object or appliance. If you think the interference could be caused by radio waves, like a neighbor's Wi-Fi router, check your own router's settings to see if you can change which radio band it uses. For example, if the router is using 2.4GHz, try changing it to 5GHz, or vice versa. Of course, if you have a Linksys smart dual-band router, it switches to the frequency with the least interference automatically.

Using a Range Extender

In a large home, the Wi-Fi signal may be blocked if walls, pipes and ducts separate your wireless router and the device you are trying to use. Installing a wireless range extender, sometimes called a repeater, is often the best way to eliminate these dead zones. A Linksys Range Extender, for example, can extend the range of your Wi-Fi router by up to 7,500 square feet, and is compatible with any Wi-Fi router, regardless of its brand, without having to reconfigure the router.

Finding the Right Place for a Range Extender

When you install a range extender, it can be difficult to determine the best place to put it. If it's too far from the router, it won't pick up a strong enough signal to make it effective. If it's too close, it won't extend the network as far as it could. This is why Linksys Range Extenders include Spot Finder technology as part of the setup process. Available from the range extender's Web-based setup page, Spot Finder directs you to the best placement for the range extender based on the signal strength of your home's Wi-Fi router.