Velop Micro Mesh 6 

Style. Power. Speed.  

Velop Pro 7 

Invincible. Invisible. Incredible.

Velop Pro 6E  

New band. New experiences. 

Unmanaged Switches 

LAN parties. 4K streaming. And more.

Kick-ass WiFi that just works!

Stupid-fast speeds

Set your WiFi to warp speed and experience blazing-fast internet for your devices.

Crazy connectivity

Enjoy uncanny coverage across devices on your network for seamless experiences.

Privacy Pledge

Keep your data—our WiFi doesn't track, collect, or sell your info for machine learning or AI.

Beautifully simple

Discrete and stylish, our products mesh well with any home, business, or office. ​


We use materials like recyclable aluminum, recycled plastic, and foam-free packaging. 

35+ years
Shaping the wireless world for people worldwide ​

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