Understanding the light behavior of the Linksys MX2000

The Linksys MX2000 Atlas 6: Dual-Band Mesh WiFi 6 Router has one indicator light at the top.  This light has different color behaviors. 

The table below shows the different descriptions of each color.

LightColor ActivityDescriptionActive in:
BlueSolidPower plugged inALL
PurpleSolidBoot up normal Unconfigured node
BlueSolidBoot up normal Parent/child nodes
Bluetooth® / SetupPurplePulsingDevice is being configuredALL
NetworkYellowSolidNetwork bit rate is lowChild node
RedSolidInternet is downParent/child nodes
RedPulsingBackhaul network is down Child node
RedPulsingNot connected to the modemParent node
BlueSolidConnected and onlineParent/child nodes

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