Adding child nodes to your Linksys Mesh system through the 5-Press Setup Method

The 5-Press Setup Method is the fastest way of adding child nodes to your Linksys Mesh system using the reset button. Follow the instructions below to know how. You can also watch this video for more details.

Before you begin:
Note that if the light is in any other color, you can reset the new child node that you will be adding.

1. Place the child nodes in the same room as the parent node and at least a foot apart from each other.
2. Power ON the child node and make sure that the light is in setup mode. It should either be solid blue or solid purple depending on the model.
3. imagePress the reset button (DO NOT HOLD, otherwise you may end up resetting your network) on the parent node five times within 5 seconds. In this example, a Linksys MBE7000 is shown.


Within a minute, the child nodes will start responding one after the other (if you're adding more than one). The light on top of every child node will start flashing and then display a sequence of color changes. After 3 minutes, the child nodes should start showing a solid blue light (for Linksys WHW03, MR series, and MX series) or a solid white light (for Linksys MX6200 series and MBE7000) one after the other indicating that they have successfully joined your network. This could take a while so give the devices enough time to respond. The following scenarios may also happen:
  • If none of the child nodes is responding, go back to the previous step.
  • If a node responded with a blinking light but never showed a solid blue light or a solid white light, check the Linksys app to verify if the node is already added to the network by going to Network Administration. If it is, reboot the child node to get the right light color.

4. Once all the child nodes’ lights are solid, you may place them on your preferred locations and rename them to better identify their locations.

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