Accessing the Linksys app dashboard using an Android mobile device

This article will show you how to access the Linksys app dashboard using an Android™ mobile device.


1.  An Android mobile device with the latest version of the Linksys app
2.  A Linksys cloud account


1. Connect your mobile device to your WiFi and launch the Linksys app.

2. Tap on Log in.

3. Tap Use my email address. Enter the email address and password for your Linksys cloud account and tap on Log in (to log in via the internet). If you have forgotten the password for your account, click here for instructions on how to recover it.



If you want to access the network directly (not over the internet), tap on Use Router Password, enter the admin password, and tap on Log in


4. If you have existing multiple networks, select a network to continue.


You will be taken to the dashboard. Here, you can see the connection status of the network, the number of devices in the network, and you can also access a variety of settings that you can configure for your WiFi.


To log out of the app, go to the menu and tap on My Account > Log Out if you logged in with your Linksys cloud account. If you logged in with your admin password, tap on Log Out.

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