Resolving buffering issues of the Apple TV® with your Velop network

Scenario:  I randomly experience buffering issues while streaming videos using an Apple TV® that is wired into a node via the Ethernet port.

Solution:  You will need to disconnect the Ethernet cable that connects your Apple TV® to the node.  Once the Ethernet cable has been removed, connect the Apple TV® to your Velop's wireless network.

To connect an Apple TV® to your wireless network, follow the steps below:

NOTE:  Make sure you know the wireless settings of your Velop before connecting your device to the network.  To check the wireless settings, log in to your Velop Dashboard using the Linksys app.  On the Dashboard screen, tap Wi-Fi.


Step 1:
On your Apple TV®'s Home screen, go to Settings User-added image.

NOTE:  If you're setting up your Apple TV® for the first time, you will only see two (2) options: Computers and Settings.  This happens when the Apple TV® is not yet configured to connect to your Velop’s network.


User-added image

Step 2:
Select General and go to Network.


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Step 3:
On the Network screen, select Configure Wi-Fi.


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Step 4:
Select the wireless network name (SSID) of your Velop from the list of available networks.


User-added image

Step 5:
On the Wi-Fi Password screen, use the Apple TV®’s remote to enter the Velop’s Wi-Fi password in the field provided.  Then select Submit.  It will then try to connect to your Velop network.

NOTE:  The Velop’s Wi-Fi password is case-sensitive.

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Step 6:
The Configuration Succeeded screen will appear confirming that your Apple TV® is now connected wirelessly.  Select Done to complete the set up.


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You have now successfully connected your Apple TV® to the Velop network wirelessly.


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