Overview of the Media Prioritization feature on the Linksys EA8300

The Media Prioritization Tool on the Linksys EA8300 Max-Stream AC2200 Tri-Band Router lets you decide which of your devices, applications, and games get bandwidth priority.  For example, if you have a smart TV or a computer that you often stream movies with, you can move that device to the top of the priority list so that it gets the bandwidth it needs to keep movies running smoothly without interruption.   To know how to access this feature through the router's web-based setup page, click here.

The Media Prioritization on the router has two levels:

  • High Priority - This is for devices, applications, and games that need bandwidth priority to keep them running smoothly such as devices that stream movies or music.  Moving your devices, applications, and games from the Normal Priority list to this section will give them higher priority.  You can add up to three devices, applications or games to the High Priority list.
  • Normal Priority - This is for devices, applications, and games that do not need special bandwidth consideration.
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A speed test is run upon launching the Media Prioritization page.
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If you need to adjust your Download or Upload speed, click I’d rather use a manually entered speed.  Enter your preferred values in the fields and click Ok.

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Other features
  • Applications/Online Games – Allows you to select a pre-configured application or online game and move them to the High Priority list.  You can also select Add a New Application or Add a New Game to create an application or game.  To know how to add applications or online games, click here.  To know how to set a game or application to a higher priority, click here.
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  • Settings 
  • WMM Support - This is enabled by default and it improves the quality for audio, video, and voice applications by prioritizing Wi-Fi traffic.
NOTE:  Wi-Fi clients must also support Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM).
  • No Acknowledgement - This specifies whether the router re-sends data if an error occurs.  This is disabled by default.
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