Setting up the Linksys node using a PPPoE connection

The following steps will guide you in setting up your parent node using a Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) connection.

Requirements for setup

  • Account credentials for your PPPoE connection from your internet service provider (ISP) 
  • The latest version of the Linksys app must be installed to your mobile device


NOTE:  Steps and images may differ depending on the device used for setup.  In most of the examples below, an iOS device is used.

Step 1:  
Connect to your Linksys node then open the Linksys app.

Step 2:
Tap on Set up a New Wi-Fi Network.

NOTE:  For Android™, tap Launch setup.

Step 3: 
Tap on Whole Home Mesh WiFi (Velop).

Step 4: 
Turn ON Bluetooth® if prompted.

Step 5:
Plug in your node then tap Next.

Step 6: 
Position your node accordingly then tap Next.

Step 7: 
Tap It's In the Open.

Step 8: 
Follow the on-screen instructions then tap It's Connected.

Step 9: 
If the light has started to flash purple click Yes, it's Blinking Purple.  Otherwise click No, It's Not Blinking Purple for further instructions.  

NOTE:  If you have other nodes turned ON with purple lights, turn them OFF for now until your parent node is set up.

Setup will check for internet access.

NOTE:  If an internet connection is not detected especially for PPPoE connections or if you have a Static WAN IP address, you will be prompted to check your wiring, if a connection is still not found, you will receive the following screen, click on the Do you have ISP settings to enter? link and select your internet connection.

Step 10: 
Tap on Do you have ISP settings to enter? at the bottom.

Step 11:
Tap on PPPoE.

Step 12:
Enter the credentials provided by your internet service provider (ISP) then tap Next.

Setup will link your account.  This can take up to a minute.

Step 13:
Personalize your home WiFi by creating a WiFi name and WiFi password.  Once done, tap Next.

Step 14:
Give your node a name then tap on Next.

Step 15: 
On the Success! screen, tap Next.

Step 16:
If you want to add a child node, tap Add a Node.  Otherwise, tap That’s it for Now.

NOTE:  You can also add a node later by logging in to your Linksys cloud account.

Step 17:
Once the Peace of mind screen appears, tap Next.

The node will perform a firmware check to verify if your node is up-to-date.  If a new firmware is available, the Linksys app will update automatically.  Otherwise, you will land on the Your WiFi is ready screen and you can tap on Go to Dashboard.

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