How to enable Two Step Verification

The Two Step Verification feature serves as a powerful security enhancement for all Linksys cloud account users, offering an additional layer of protection. 

Once enabled on the Linksys app or page, any unverified device seeking access to your Linksys cloud account will be required to enter a six-digit verification code delivered via email or SMS. To ensure a successful login, follow the instructions below.

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you have an existing Linksys cloud account with two-step verification enabled. 
  • If you selected both Email and Text message options as ways to receive the verification code, make sure you have access to that email address or phone number.


1. Launch the Linksys app.

2. Tap Manage Your Wi-Fi for iOS or Log in for Android™.

3. You will receive a prompt to log in using your Linksys cloud account. Simply enter the required credentials and tap on Log in.

If you have enabled both email and text message options, you will be prompted to choose your delivery method. 

4. Check your email or your phone for the verification code and proceed to the next step.

5. Enter the verification code and then tap on Continue.

  • You can check the box to remember the device for 30 days or leave it unchecked if you want to always use a verification code for every log in.
  • If you did not receive a verification code, tap on Resend verification code.

You should now have logged in successfully.

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