Internet Speed FAQs

How can I check my internet speed?To check the internet speed, you can log in to the Linksys app or the page.
Why am I getting slow internet speeds and how can I improve it?Here are some factors that can affect internet speed:

Bandwidth consumption. Activities such as streaming HD video, video calls, online gaming, or downloading files can cause slow internet.

Router placement and signal strength. Even with high internet speeds available, weak signal strength between your router and nodes won’t be able to utilize it. Make sure your router and any child nodes have optimal placement and limit any environmental interference.

Crowded wireless channel. WiFi signals broadcast on multiple channels. The more networks that use the same channel, the worse the performance will be for each. When your router first boots up, it will automatically select the best channel. Over time though this can change as more networks (your neighbors) enter the picture. You can make sure you’re on the best channel available with the Channel Finder feature in the Linksys app.

Your internet service plan. If you’re not sure, contact your internet service provider (ISP) to learn about what speeds are included in your plan.

Router and/or modem needs a refresh. Sometimes a simple restart can fix speed issues.

Why is a specific device on my network slow?Here are some factors that can cause a device to be slow compared to the rest of your network.

Poor signal strength. You can check a device’s signal strength in the Linksys app on the Devices list. Devices with low signal strength might be too far from a node.

Also make sure the device is not in an enclosed space where the WiFi signal can’t travel as easily, such as behind a TV or inside a cabinet. Placement next to electronics that operate on the same frequencies as WiFi such as microwaves could also interfere with performance. Try moving your device to different spots to troubleshoot.

You can check if you have the latest firmware in the Linksys app or the page. Outdated firmware could affect how your nodes communicate with your network.

Why is my internet speed dropping after I added another node?

Restart your nodes. Sometimes a simple refresh can fix connection issues.

Check if you have the latest firmware. Outdated firmware could affect how a device communicates with your network.


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