List of compatible Linksys Velop nodes or routers with Intelligent Mesh technology

This article shows the list of routers and nodes with Linksys Intelligent Mesh™ technology. You can determine the model number on the product label which is located at the bottom of the router or node.

Intelligent Mesh WiFi systems (WHW and MX series)
Intelligent Mesh WiFi routers (MR series)

Intelligent Mesh WiFi systems (WHW and MX series)

  • WHW030x (WHW0301, WHW0302, WHW0303)
  • WHW010x (WHW0101, WHW0102, WHW0103)
  • WHW0101P
  • A030x (A0301, A0302, A0303)
  • A0101
  • VLP010x (VLP0101, VLP0102, VLP0103)
  • MX2000 series (MX2001, MX2002, MX2003, MX2004, MX20EC3, MX20MS, MX20WH)
  • MX4000 series (MX4050, MX4200, MX4200C, MX4200SH, MX8000, MX8400C, MX12600, MX16800)
  • MX5300 / MX10600
  • MX5500 series (MX5501, MX5502, MX5503, MX55EC3, MX55WH)
  • MX8500 series (MX8501, MX8502, MX8503, MX8504)

Intelligent Mesh WiFi routers (MR series)

  • MR2000
  • MR5500 / MR5502
  • MR6350
  • MR7300 series (MR7350, MR7340, MR7320, MR7310)
  • MR7500 series (MR7502, MR75MS, MR75WH)
  • MR8250
  • MR8300
  • MR9000
  • MR9000X
  • MR9600
  • MR9610

For detailed information on each device, visit Linksys Support.

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