Setting up the parent node using a static WAN IP address

If your internet service provider (ISP) provided a static internet IP address, you will have to enter your IP address settings during the setup process.   



  • A mobile device compatible with the Linksys app
  • The latest version of the Linksys app downloaded from the App Store® or Google Play™ installed on your mobile device
  • Obtain the following settings from your ISP: 
  • Internet IP address
  • Subnet mask
  • Default gateway
  • Domain Name Server (DNS)
  • Account credentials (username and password)  


Step 1:
Launch the Linksys app.
Step 2:
For iOS, tap Set up a New Wi-Fi Network.

For Android™ users, tap Launch setup.

Step 3:                  
Tap on Whole Home Mesh WiFi (Velop).

Step 4:                  
You might be prompted to turn ON your Bluetooth® connection for setup.  For Android devices, tap Turn on Bluetooth.  For iOS devices, you may need to turn ON Bluetooth manually.

NOTE:  Android users might be prompted for location access.  Tap Allow to proceed.

Step 5:
If you haven’t powered ON your node, power it ON and tap Next.  Follow the rest of the wiring steps.

Step 6:
Wait for the light to turn blinking purple, then tap Yes, it’s Blinking Purple.
NOTE:  If the light does not blink purple, tap No, It’s Not Blinking Purple then follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 7:
The node will start checking for internet connection.

Step 8:
Check the boxes once the recommended on-screen setup has been established.  Tap Next once done.

Step 9:
Select the Do you have ISP settings to enter? option.

Step 10:
Tap on Static IP.

Step 11:
Enter the settings from your ISP in the IP Address, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway, and DNS 1 fields provided then tap Next.

Setup will then check your internet connection.

Step 12:
Enter the Username and Password provided by your ISP.  Tap Next once done.

The node will start checking for internet connection.

Step 13:
Enter an Email Address and Password in the fields provided, then tap Create Account to complete the process.  If you already have an existing Linksys cloud account, tap Log in here, then enter your account credentials.  Wait while setup links your account to the node.

Step 14:
Create a name and password for your home WiFi, then tap Next once done.

Step 15:
Connect to your new WiFi.  Once connected, tap Next.

Step 16:
You’ll be prompted to give your node a name.  Select the name that best describes the location of the node and tap Next.

NOTE:  To customize the name, tap Name it something else.

Step 17:
On the Success! screen, tap Next.

Step 18:
If you want to add a node, tap Add a Node.  Otherwise, tap That's it for Now.  You can also add a node later by logging in to the Linksys app dashboard.  For instructions, click here.

Step 19:
Future updates will happen overnight- automatically- and only take a few minutes.  Tap Next.

Step 20:
You have now successfully set up your parent node using a static WAN IP address.  You may now connect your devices to your new WiFi.  Tap Go to Dashboard to check the features and settings of your router.

IMPORTANT:  After setting up your node, it's recommended to change the router’s admin password.  The default admin password of a node is admin.  This changes during setup, when a random and secure router password is created.  With the admin password, you can still log in to your router locally even if the Linksys cloud account is temporarily unavailable.  To learn how to change the admin password, click here.

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