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Linksys Aware is being discontinued. Current subscribers can continue to use the service until July 31st 2024. New subscriptions or renewals will no longer be available.


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Can I turn off Linksys Aware?
What is motion sensitivity?


Can I turn off Linksys Aware?

Yes, there’s a toggle switch in Linksys Aware settings to turn the feature on/off.

If you turn it OFF, you’ll remain subscribed but your devices will not detect motion.  You can still go into the History screen and see what your devices previously detected.  You can also turn it back ON any time.

What is motion sensitivity?

This setting tells us what you consider meaningful motion.  Meaningful motion sets a standard for what triggers motion alerts and dictates what motion is displayed in history.  The lower your sensitivity level, the more intense and longer lasting motion will have to be to register as meaningful.

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What counts as meaningful motion for each sensitivity setting?


  • Low:  motion by something large and intense, lasting at least 20 seconds (e.g., a person walking around the entire house)
  • Medium:  motion by something large or intense, lasting at least 15 seconds (e.g., a person bustling around the kitchen getting ingredients)
  • High:  motion by something at least moderately sized, lasting at least 10 seconds (e.g., a person walking up the stairs or a medium-sized dog walking around)
  • Extra High:  motion by almost anything, lasting at least 3 seconds (e.g., a person getting up from the couch, a dog jumping onto a bed and circling before lying down or an electronic vacuum)


Which is the best motion sensitivity level for me?


Meaningful motion is your preference, but it is strongly related to the size of your house and whether you have walls shared with neighbors.  Other factors to consider are how many motion devices you have and whether you have pets or small, independently moving gadgets such as robot vacuums.  We recommend adjusting this, if needed, to suit your lifestyle.

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