Changing the Wi-Fi Settings of your Tri-Band router using the Linksys cloud account

Changing the Wi-Fi Settings of your Linksys Tri-Band router can be done using your Linksys cloud account.  To establish a unique and secure network, it is important to change the basic Wi-Fi Settings of your router.
  • Changing your Wi-Fi Settings will disconnect all devices from your router until you reconnect them using the new settings.  To learn how, click here.
  • Steps and images may vary depending on the model of your Tri-Band router.  On the steps below, the Linksys EA8250 Max-Stream AC2150 Tri-Band WiFi 5 Router is used as an example.

Step 1:
Access your Linksys cloud account.  For instructions, click here.
NOTE:  If you haven’t set up a Linksys cloud account, click here or log in using the default IP address of the router which is
Step 2:
Click Wi-Fi Settings.

User-added image

Step 3:
Under the Wireless sub-tab, you can now modify the Wi-Fi Settings that you want to set up on your Linksys Tri-Band router. 

User-added image 

NOTE:  The All band steering is enabled by default.  Select either the 5 GHz band steering or the Off option to view or edit individual configuration settings for your network.  To learn more about Band Steering, click here

Step 4:
Click the Apply or Ok button then click Yes on the Disconnect Warning window.

Step 5:
Click Ok.

User-added image

You should now have successfully changed the Wi-Fi Settings of your Linksys Tri-Band router.

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