Configuring the Clear Network Map feature of your Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router

The Clear Network Map feature allows you to clear all device information and reboot the router.  If there are any display issues in the Network Map like items not appearing or not becoming offline when the device is turned OFF, use this feature to clear the Network Map and rebuild it again.  This will temporarily disconnect the devices from your network as the router reboots.  When devices automatically reconnect, they will reappear in the Network Map and the customized names and icons are kept.
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This article will show you where and how to use the Clear Network Map feature of the router.

Step 1:
In the Address bar, enter “” or "myrouter.local" then press [Enter]
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Step 2:
Access the router by entering the Router Password then click Sign In.
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Step 3:
Under Smart Wi-Fi Tools, click Network Map.
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Step 4:
On the Network Map page, click the Clear Network Map icon.
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Step 5:           
When a dialog box appears, click Ok.
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