How to regain access after being locked out of using your router admin password to log in to the Linksys app

If a user enters an incorrect password five times in a row while trying to log in with their router password, they will be locked out of their Linksys cloud account. This is for security reasons to prevent someone from gaining unauthorized access.

Below are three ways to regain access after getting locked out:


1. If you have the Linksys app or use, log in to your account with your email address and navigate to change your router admin password. Click on either links below to know how to do this:



2. Another option is to restore your router to factory settings and set it up again. The setup wizard will ask you to create a router admin password. Click on your router link below to know how to do this:


3. If you have a mesh system, you can tap on Reset password on the Router Password tab. You will be asked to enter the Recovery Key located on a sticker on the underside of your router. If you have multiple nodes in your mesh system, you can use the recovery key from any of the nodes.  As with the router password, you get five chances to enter the correct recovery key. If you exhaust those tries, try one of the other methods above to regain access.

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