Adding a child node to an existing Linksys Mesh system

This article will guide you on adding a child node to your existing Linksys Mesh network.

Before you begin:

  • Ensure that your parent node is set up and online.
  • Parent node - A Linksys Mesh node connected to your modem.
  • Child node - An additional Linksys Mesh node to extend your WiFi network. 
  • If you have an existing network with Linksys MX6200 nodes and you are looking into adding Linksys MBE7000 nodes, it is highly recommended to use the Linksys MBE7000 as the parent node for better WiFi performance.
  • Mixed environments - A network with Linksys Intelligent Mesh™ nodes and Linksys Cognitive™ nodes.
  • When mixing different types of nodes, certain features may be limited.
  • The best practice is to keep your network as all Linksys Intelligent Mesh nodes or all Linksys Cognitive nodes. If you decide to mix your existing Intelligent nodes with newer Cognitive nodes, you need to make the Cognitive node the parent node using the latest Linksys app.
  • Setting up a mixed environment requires the latest Linksys app using Bluetooth® setup only. Temp WiFi or adding child nodes through the router's web interface is not currently supported in a mixed environment.  
  • Make sure to disable the DFS feature in the Wi-Fi Settings section of the Linksys app if it is enabled.
  • Learn about the router’s light behavior below:



A Linksys MBE7000 is being used in these steps.

1. Connect your mobile device to your Linksys Mesh network.

2. Power ON the child node near the parent node that you will be adding. The node should be no more than 10 ft away from the parent node, if possible, it should be in the same room as the parent node. You can relocate the child node after completing the setup.


3. Log in to the Linksys app and tap the menu icon located on the upper-left side of the dashboard.


4. Tap on Set up a New Product.


5. Tap on Add a node to xxx (where xxx is the name of your existing WiFi network).


6. Enable Bluetooth (if prompted).


7. If you have not powered ON your child node, make sure to power ON the child node near the parent node then tap Next.


8. Once your child node has a solid light, tap on Node light is solid. Depending on the model of the child node that you are adding, the light should be solid purple for the Linksys Intelligent Mesh node or solid blue for the Linksys Cognitive Mesh node, indicating that the node is ready for setup.


Wait while the child node is being added.


9. Your child node has now been added. Tap on Next.


If your new child node is not detected:
  • Ensure that it is powered ON and is near the parent node, preferably in the same room as the parent node. When the light is solid, tap on Add more nodes to try again.
  • The light should be purple or solid blue depending on the model.
    • If the light is in any other color such as red, you may need to reset the new node that was not detected.
    • If you receive any error message, this article has troubleshooting tips on how to fix common issues when setting up a node.
  • Tap Add more nodes to try again.

10. Tap on Finish. You can now unplug and relocate your child node.

After you relocate your child node, wait for the node to show a solid light. This indicates the child node now has reconnected to the network. You should see all your nodes in the Linksys app. Depending on the child node model, the light will be either solid white or solid blue when it is connected to the network and is ready for use.

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