Leader in Privacy Linksys Affirms Commitment to Privacy

User Privacy is a Top Priority

IRVINE, California, October 11th, 2023 Linksys, an iconic Home and Small Office connectivity company, is pleased to announce in a statement of direction new updates to its comprehensive Privacy Pledge. Linksys has long been at the forefront of progressive policies surrounding protecting the personal data and information of its customers and continues to prioritize online privacy and security.

Making sure personal data and information is secure while using the internet is crucial. As the world gets more connected and more data is shared online, it’s only natural to want to make sure that personal information and online activity is kept private and secure.* With the growing popularity of high-speed connectivity, the issue of privacy online will move even more to the forefront.

According to a report from Reuters, online activity skyrocketed during the pandemic, and with people spending more of their time online, the risks for data breaches, compromised cybersecurity, phishing, and other threats have also increased. This brings Linksys’ comprehensive privacy policy to the forefront: data protection is an increasingly important issue, and Linksys is continuing to prioritize a more secure, safe online experience for its customers.

“Linksys is constantly working to ensure customer data is secure. It’s a top priority that each and every Linksys customer — no matter where they live in the world — gets a safe online experience.” – said CEO of Linksys, Jonathan Bettino.

This means that Linksys does not:

  • Track your app or online activities
  • Sell your personal information

Because Linksys is an “opt-in” company, Linksys customers always get to decide whether they want to receive marketing emails or texts. If a customer would like to remove their name from a marketing list, they are able to unsubscribe to emails or text the word STOP, and their name will be removed immediately.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • No website tracking: Linksys products and apps do not track websites you visit or collect information about content you view on the Internet, nor track your application usage or online activities.
  • No tracking your activity: Linksys products and apps do not contain tracking or advertising cookies.
  • No selling or sharing of your personal info: Linksys does not sell your personal Information, or share your personal information for marketing purposes.
  • Opt-in for emails and texts: Linksys is an “opt-in” company, which means you decide whether you want to receive marketing emails or texts.
  • Enhanced security – Devices stay secure with automatic security updates, a separate network for guests, and additional advanced features accessible via the Linksys App.

Read more about the Linksys Privacy Pledge here.

About Linksys

At Linksys, we engineer simplicity so that you never experience complexity. Linksys is an iconic brand celebrating its 35th year of innovation in Home and Small Office connectivity. With many industry firsts to its credit, Linksys delivers simple, fast, reliable, and affordable products for the Home and Small Office where there is “no IT.”

* The transmission of information via the Internet is not 100% secure. In Linksys privacy policies, Linksys advises its customers to (i) exercise caution when using public computers or devices; (ii) exercise caution when using any computer or device to which users unauthorized by you may have access; and (iii) create strong and unique passwords for your home network. Linksys cannot prevent user generated privacy and security issues.