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Getting to know the Linksys 18-port Smart Gigabit Switch, LGS318

The Linksys 18-port Smart Gigabit Switch, LGS318 offers a quick and easy solution to extend an office network, allowing devices to be located anywhere without the need for alternating current (AC) outlets.  It is designed for customers, who need a low cost switch with basic management but high level feature list including a web-based setup page that provides easy configuration and management, and gigabit speed ports providing high bandwidth capabilities.

The Linksys 18-port Smart Gigabit Switch, LGS318 has 16 GE ports (RJ-45), two (2) combo shared and two (2) SFP ports (GE 17 & GE 18).

Front view

Combo ports - It is a single-logical port that has two (2) physical connections, the RJ45 connector (copper) and SFP connector (fiber).
  • RJ45 - Auto-sensing Ethernet network ports detect the speed of the device connected to it (10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, or 1000 Mbps), and adjust port speed and duplex accordingly.
  • SFP - A connection point for an SFP (miniGBIC) expansion module that allows for the switch to be uplinked via fiber to another switch.  The SFP port provides a link to a high-speed network segment or individual workstation at speeds of 1000 Mbps.  To establish a gigabit Ethernet connection using an SFP port, you will need to install a 1 GB SFP module and use fiber optic cabling. 
NOTE:  Only ONE of the two physical connections may be used at a time.  The system will automatically detect the media that is in use on a combo port.  To know more about the Combo ports on the Smart Gigabit Switches, click here.
  Reset button - The reset button is located on the device’s front panel next to the system LEDs.
Reset Button Behavior:
  • Pressing for less than 10 seconds will cause system to reboot after releasing the button.
  • Pressing the button for more than 10 seconds will cause the system to reboot to factory default settings. 
System LED - Indicates the device’s status and activities.
  • OFF - System is powered OFF.
  • Solid Blue - System is ON and operative.
  • Blinking Blue: 
    • Booting/System Self-Test
    • Device is using the factory default IP address of 192.168.1. 251 
  • Blinking Yellow - Failure detect (e.g. Fan)  
NOTE:  To know more about the LEDs on the Smart Gigabit Switches, click here.

Back view

  • Port Mirroring - up to 4 sources to one target.
  • MAC Address Aging - Range 10-630 sec, default 300 sec
  • Spanning Tree - STP/RSTP
  • SNMP - OID placing / MIB root
  • System software and Configuration Management
  • Quality of Service (QoS)/Class of Service and Rate Limiting - QoS Basic Mode
  • System IP address Management
  • Security - RADIUS
  • Switch Management 
Device Management

The Switch can be managed by:
  • Web-based setup page (HTTP, HTTPS)
  • Telnet (Menu CLI)
  • SNMP 
Supported Browsers
  • Firefox version 16 and latest
  • Internet Explorer 9-10 
Supported Host Operating System
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit) 
DDR2 SDRAM : 64 Mb x 16
SPI Flash: 16 M
Package Contents
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Power Cord
  • CD with documentation
  • Rack-mount kit or wall-mount kit

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