Velop Pro 7 MBE7001 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 7 Router

Velop Pro 7 MBE7001 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 7 Router


Velop Pro 7 MBE7001 Tri-Band Mesh WiFi 7 Router


Linksys Velop® Pro 7 harnesses the power of WiFi 7, the most efficient WiFi standard to date. With speeds up to 4.8x faster than WiFi 6 with very low latency, you can enjoy flawless streaming, gaming, and connectivity throughout your home.

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WiFi 7 Speed.

Linksys Velop Pro 7 is built for WiFi 7, the most efficient WiFi operating standard to date. With speeds up to 4.8x faster than WiFi 6 and more bandwidth, this router transmits lightning-fast information over stable connections at very low latency.

Enjoy flawless streaming, collaboration, and gaming experiences.

Cognitive Mesh

Is Here.

Ultra-fast WiFi for your home with Linksys Cognitive Mesh. Auto-optimized connectivity and custom networks for streaming, gaming, and video conferencing.

It’s the smarter way to connect.

The Fastest WiFi

Setup Around.

The Linksys App makes it easy to set up your WiFi in under 10 minutes. Make adjustments with a self-guided choice of your home topology and access all the settings at your fingertips. Download the app to manage your devices and network from anywhere, at any time.

Your Home,

Your Configuration.

Linksys Cognitive Mesh ensures high-speed WiFi throughout your home.

Choose a mesh configuration: daisy chain nodes, apply star topology or let the Appoptimize your WiFi. Each node covers 3,000 square feet; each Velop Pro WiFi 7 system caters to 200 devices for reliable home WiFi coverage.

Cognitive Experience

Having trouble connecting? No problem. Open a ticket on the Linksys App and if the issue can’t be solved through the App, Linksys support can remote in. We've got you covered.



Linksys Cognitive Security is continuously optimizing your devices online to ensure secure WiFi usage. The Linksys App offers several safe browsing options.

Equipped with the

Latest Technology.

The Qualcomm® Networking Pro 620 is a powerful networking platform delivering next-gen WiFi 7 features today.

Requires customer-paid active internet connection, modem, and compatible iOS or Android mobile device, available ethernet port, nearby power outlet, and the Linksys App.

Extra nodes may be needed for some homes. When expanding the network of your Cognitive™ Mesh router, additional Linksys routers or nodes must have Cognitive™ Mesh technology.

*Specifications are subject to change without notice. Speed reflects maximum combined WiFi speeds across all radios per IEEE Standard 802.11 specifications. Range estimates are based on performance test results. Actual speed, performance and range will vary, and maximum supported speeds will not be available to all customers due to conditions and variables like building materials and construction, volume of network traffic, mix of wireless products used, interference, your wireless device's WiFi standard, wireless obstructions, and external factors. Setup times and performance results may vary for your unique home network.

**Comparing WiFi 7 to WiFi 6.

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