Adding a child node to your existing Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh WiFi system

If you have an existing Linksys Mesh WiFi system and would like to add a child node, follow the instructions below. Steps and images may vary depending on the operating system of your mobile device or the model of your Linksys Mesh system.

This article is for Linksys WHW0x, MX, or MR series routers.

Before you begin
  • Download or update the Linksys app to the latest version.
  • Your parent node must be set up and online.
  • Parent node: The Linksys node/router connected to your modem.
  • Child node: Additional Linksys Mesh node/router to extend your WiFi network
  • Linksys Velop Cognitive Mesh WiFi system as a child node is not backward compatible with Linksys Velop Intelligent Mesh products. Here is a list of child nodes that you can add to your network.
  • Learn about the light behavior of your Linksys Mesh system
  • Make sure that the child node you are about to set up is in its factory state, once fully booted up it should have a solid purple light.
  • If the child node has been previously set up, it needs to be reset to its factory settings. DO NOT reset the parent node.
  • If you encounter problems with adding a child node or connecting to it after turning ON DFS, it could mean that the child node doesn't support DFS.

1. Connect your mobile device to your Linksys Mesh WiFi network.

2. Power ON the child node that you will be adding and place it near the parent node (no more than 10 ft away). You can relocate the child node after the setup process is complete.

Log in to the Linksys app dashboard then tap the menu icon located at the top left.

4. Tap on Set up a New Product.


5. Tap on Add Another Node to xxxx (where xxxx is your existing WiFi name).


6. Tap on To extend my Wi-Fi with a new child node.


7. Turn ON Bluetooth® if prompted. Follow the on-screen instructions to enable it.


8. If your child node is already powered ON, just tap Next to proceed. If not, follow the wiring instructions provided and tap Next when you are ready to continue.


9. Ensure that the child node that you will be adding to your network has a solid purple light, then tap on Node light is solid.


If the light on the child node that you will be adding is in any other status besides solid purple (e.g., solid red or blinking red), you may need to reset only the child node. DO NOT reset the parent node (node connected to the modem).

10. Wait while your child node is added to the network.


11. Your child node has been successfully added. Now, tap on Next to proceed.

If your child node is not detected, move it closer to the parent node (no more than 10 ft away), preferably in the same room as your parent node for setup purposes only. Then wait until your child node has a solid purple light. Then tap on Add more nodes to try again.

After you move your child node, wait for the light on the node to turn solid blue. This indicates the child now has reconnected to the network and it’s ready to use. 

12. You can now relocate your child node. Tap on Finish.

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