Troubleshooting intermittent connection with ONU Fiber Gateways connected to Velop

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Scenario:  DISH customers who use Velop with their optical network unit (ONU) Fiber Gateways may, at times, experience intermittent connection when the light on the node is red. 

This problem occurs due to loss of connection on the ONU Fiber Gateway - breaking both the physical and logical connectivity on the ethernet port.  This can cause Velop to reconfigure that into a LAN port.  When this happens, you may sometimes see public IP addresses assigned to clients connected to your Velop.

Linksys is currently working on a long-term solution for this condition.  In the meantime, below are three short term solutions:

1.  Insert a network switch between the ONU and Velop.  Doing so will preserve the physical connectivity on the Velop's ethernet port and prevent the reconfiguration.

2.  Reset the ethernet connection when the ONU is operational.  This can be done by unplugging and reconnecting the ethernet cable (either on the Primary node or the ONU side).

3.  Power cycle the primary node connected to ONU.  This is the fastest way to manually recover Velop connectivity.

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