Setting up a Linksys WHW03 mesh system

You can set up a Linksys WHW03 node using the following methods:



Before you begin:

  • You will need to use a web browser on your laptop or desktop computer.
  • Write down the default WiFi name, password, and recovery key printed on the parent node’s product label.
  • Parent node - It is the node connected to your modem.
  • Child node - It is another node used to extend your WiFi. The child node can be wireless or wired.



5-Button Push setup


The 5-Button Push setup method is the easiest and quickest way to set up the parent and child nodes.


1. Gather all your equipment in the same area as your modem. After the nodes are set up, you can relocate your child nodes as needed.


2. Power ON all your nodes. The child nodes need to be near the parent node, no more than 10 ft away, preferably in the same room. 


3. Make sure that all your nodes are ready for setup and have a solid purple light. If any of the nodes do not have a solid purple light, reset them by holding down the reset button for about 15 seconds, then wait until the light becomes solid purple. 




4. Remove any existing router.

a. I have a modem with a separate router.


      • Disconnect your existing router.
      • Power cycle your modem.
      • Wait until your modem has rebooted and go to the next step.


b. I have a WiFi router and modem combined in one device, or I do not have any existing routers in my home.


      • Go to the next step.


5. Connect the parent node from the internet port with an ethernet cable to your modem.

6. Do not plug any devices into the child nodes besides the power adapter.

7. Press the Reset button on the bottom of the parent node that is connected to the modem five times within 5 seconds (do not hold). The light on the parent node will start blinking.

8. If you powered ON any child nodes from the previous steps, the parent node will begin to scan for unconfigured nodes.


Once the child nodes have been detected, the light on the child nodes will also begin to blink. This means that pairing is in progress.


Proceed to the next step if you do not have any child nodes to add.

9. Wait for the light on all your nodes to be solid blue, which indicates they are ready to use.




10. Once all your nodes display a solid blue light, you can relocate the child nodes and connect your clients to the WiFi network. The default WiFi credentials are on the parent node's product label.


You can now log in to the Linksys app or the router's web interface to manage and customize your network settings.



Web interface setup

You will need a computer for this method. You should also write down the default WiFi name and password on the parent node’s product label.


1. Connect your modem to any of the two LAN ports on the node. After setting up, the port you have used will become the dedicated internet port.


2. Power ON your node and wait until the light is solid purple.


3. Connect your computer to the default WiFi name and enter the default WiFi password when prompted. You can also connect your computer to the node via an ethernet port.




4. Open a desktop browser, type in “myrouter.local” or “” in the Address bar, and hit [ENTER].


5. Click on the mobile image.




6. Enter the node’s default password which is “admin”. Then, click on Sign In.




7. After you log in, scroll down and click on the CA link at the bottom of your screen. This will display a hidden tab.



8. Click on Connectivity and then click on the CA Router Setup tab.






9. Create a WiFi name (SSID) and password and click on Setup Node. The WiFi password is case-sensitive. Do not close the page.


While the settings are being saved, you will lose WiFi connectivity temporarily.


10. Wait until the light on the node turns solid blue.


11. Connect to your new WiFi name you just created to continue. 




12. You will now see the Your Master Node is now Configured message.


13. If the light on the node is solid blue, your node is online. You can go to the next step. 




If the light is not blue, you can try the following:


a. Power cycle your modem. Wait until your modem is finished rebooting. Wait a few minutes, then check if the light on the node has turned solid blue.

b. If you use a PPPoE connection, you will need to enter your internet settings manually. Go to the Internet Settings tab, click Edit, and choose PPPoE as your type of connection. Enter your PPPoE information and click Apply. Wait for the light on the node to turn solid blue.




Do you have more nodes to add?


a. Yes - Power on your child node and wait until the light is solid purple. Then, in the CA Router Setup tab, click on Add Wireless Child Nodes, and wait for the child node’s light to turn solid blue. For wired nodes, connect your nodes to the network with an ethernet cable, and wait until the light is solid purple, then click on Add Wired Child Nodes. Once the child nodes have a solid blue light, click Ok.

b. No - Go to the next step.




14. Once your child nodes have been added, click Connectivity > Basic tab, then click on Edit next to Admin Password. Enter your new admin password, add an optional hint, and click Apply.




15. Your network is now ready to use.


Make sure to write down your WiFi name, WiFi password, and the admin password (also known as the router password).


To use the Linksys app to manage your settings from any mobile device from anywhere, download and install the latest Linksys app for iOS or Android™. Then, connect your mobile device to the WiFi name of your router you just created, launch the app, and tap Manage Your Wi-Fi (iOS) or Log in (Android). Learn more







Linksys app

You can use the Linksys app to set up the router using Bluetooth® on your mobile device, as well as monitor and manage your network. Learn more

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