How to use the Channel Finder feature of your Linksys Mesh WiFi system

WiFi signals are transmitted across multiple channels, and the performance of each network can be affected by how many networks share the same channel. Channel Finder selects the channel with the least traffic for each node in your network.

The steps and images may vary depending on the device you're using. In the examples below, an iOS device is being used.




2. Tap on the menu sf48334-001_en_v5.png icon at the upper-left side of the dashboard.
3. Tap Wi-Fi Settings.

4. Tap Advanced Wi-Fi Settings.

5. Tap Channel Finder.

6. Channel Finder settings may vary by model. Some models offer automatic Channel Finder.

Automatic Channel Finder - The latest Linksys app supports Auto Channel Finder on models such as the Linksys MBE7000, MX6200, and LN1100. The default option is set to ON. With the automatic Channel Finder, the nodes will automatically check for the best channels every 5 days at 2 am PDT (9 am UTC or 5 pm UTC+8) and adjust accordingly. You can continue to run the Channel Finder manually. This new feature helps networks improve performance where some networks may have some backhaul degradation over time. During this time there may be some WiFi disconnections while the node is scanning for new channels. To opt out, simply switch the toggle to the OFF position and manually run the Channel Finder whenever you prefer.
Non-automatic Channel Finder - Tap Scan Channels. During this process, your WiFi will briefly disconnect until the scan is complete.


7. If the Channel Finder identifies better channels, it will automatically apply the changes. You can view the new channels by tapping Technical details. If you're already on the best channels, the Channel Finder will not make any more changes. Tap Done to complete the process.


The example below shows previous channels on the left side. If any changes are made, the updated channels will be displayed on the right side with an arrow. 


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