What to do if the parent node has a solid red light and my internet connection is not working

I set up a parent node successfully and my Velop network is working with an active internet connection.  However, after rearranging the networking devices then reconnecting the modem to the node, my internet is no longer working and my parent node has a solid red light instead of solid blue.
This is because with the latest Velop firmware, the automatic WAN port detection is now disabled on the parent node after setup.  For example, if you set up a parent node with an active internet connection, the ethernet port that you use for setup (the port on the node where you connect your modem) becomes a fixed WAN port and your other port becomes a fixed LAN port.  So, in case you accidentally plug in the modem into the other port (which is now a fixed LAN port), the parent node will not go online and it will have a solid red light.  

To fix this, connect the modem to the other ethernet port and wait until the node’s light turns solid blue.  If the internet is still not working, reboot the modem and perform a proper boot sequence for your Velop.

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