Manually setting up PPPoE for the Linksys Mesh Router with the Linksys app

If your internet service provider (ISP) requires a Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) connection, follow the steps in this article.

Setting up your parent node with a PPPoE connection is easy!

Before you begin:

  • Make sure you have your PPPoE account credentials (username and password) provided by your ISP.
  • Install the latest version of the Linksys app on your mobile device. In case you already have the Linksys app installed, update it to the latest version.

The steps and images may vary depending on the device you're using for this setup. In the examples below, we are using an iOS device.


1. Connect your mobile device to your Linksys Mesh WiFi and launch the Linksys app.

Log in to the Linksys app dashboard.

3. Tap on the menu 
sf50950-001_en_v3.png icon in the upper left corner of the dashboard.

4. Go to Advanced Settings > Internet Settings.


5. Tap on Connection Type then select PPPoE.



6. Enter the credentials provided by your ISP then tap Save once done.


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