How to add a child node using the web interface

This article will guide you in adding more child nodes to expand your WiFi network. Only Linksys Velop Mesh products are supported.


Before you begin:


    • You will need a computer.
    • The parent router must be set up and online.
    • Parent router/node: This refers to the Linksys Velop Mesh router or node that is directly connected to your modem.
    • Child node: Another Linksys Velop Mesh node used to extend your WiFi network.
      • Using the same Mesh type across all nodes throughout your network (e.g., all Cognitive™ Mesh or all Intelligent Mesh nodes) is highly recommended. However, if you must mix node types (Cognitive and Intelligent), it's best to designate a Cognitive node as the parent. Keep in mind that some features may be limited in a mixed network.


1. Connect a computer to the WiFi name of your Linksys network.


2. Place the child node within 10 feet of the parent router and turn it ON. During setup, it's best to keep the child node close to the parent; you can relocate it afterward. If you're powering multiple nodes, start by positioning them near the parent router and then arrange them as needed later.


3. Make sure the new child node is ready for setup.

The light on the device will either be solid blue or solid purple, depending on the specific model being used.


sf59305-001_en_v1.png  sf59305-002_en_v1.png  


If the indicator light on the node turns red, hold down the reset button for approximately 15 seconds, then wait for the device to reboot.


4. Access the router's web interface by opening a desktop browser and entering your router's URL.


If you receive any security browser error messages, follow these steps continue.


  • For models like the Linksys MBE7000, MX6200, and LN1100, enter or simply
  • For Intelligent Mesh models such as the Linksys MX, MR series, and WHW03, follow these instructions, or if your network is already linked to a Linksys cloud account, visit or enter myrouter.local.
  • If you know the IP address of the parent router, you can also enter it directly, for example,


5. Enter the router password when prompted. If you've forgotten the password, click Reset password to create a new one.




6. After accessing the dashboard, click on the CA link at the bottom of the screen.




7. Click on Connectivity and select the CA Router Setup tab.




8. Click on Add Wireless Child Nodes. The router will begin to scan for unconfigured nodes.




9. After detecting the child nodes, their lights will start blinking. When the nodes are successfully added to your network, their lights will display a solid white or solid blue color, depending on the model. Click Done Adding Child Nodes and then adjust the child nodes' placement as needed.


sf59305-007_en_v1.png  sf59305-008_en_v1.png

The child node has been successfully added to the network. 

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