Why rebooting the router is good for your Wi-Fi

With more individuals on remote work arrangement and students on online classes, a quick and stable internet connection is favorable these days.  Internet has become a necessity.  But do you know what are the components of your home network?  Knowing the basics is essential to help maintain a working internet.

Routers are generally simple to reboot — just turn it OFF or unplug it, then turn it ON or plug it back in after 10 seconds or so.  In any case, savvy routers make this cycle significantly simpler.  For instance, Linksys routers can be rebooted by accessing the Linksys app and tapping on the Restart Router button in the Network Administration settings.  You do not need to be close to your router to do this.  For specific instructions on how this is done, click

Rebooting is made simple when your router is an intelligent router.

Why rebooting the router is good for your Wi-Fi

1.  Routers need refresh every now and then.

Your router can run out of memory until such time that its system goes to a halt.  But a brisk reboot will fix this issue because, during this process, smart routers are better at finding channels with less traffic.  This will subsequently raise a router’s performance speed.

2.  Rebooting routers can free them of malware.

Rebooting your router will clear out malicious codes brought about by malware.

For more information on ways to protect your network, click on the link below:

Linksys Best Security Practices

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